The Best Sister

Dr. Brad Mills’ Free Braces Program

Fourth-grade students from the community’s school systems entered to win scholarships for free braces from Dr. Brad Mills Orthodontics, a value of $5,600 per student. Students wrote essays about the topic “Who is Your Hero” and Dr. Brad Mills and his staff selected seven scholarship winners, one winner from each school, who exhibited strong writing skills, hard work and deep appreciation for their heroes. Members from the VUE Magazine attended the award ceremonies at each school and were so inspired by the stories that we wanted to share them with our readers. We hope you enjoy reading the touching stories from our community’s youth about the individuals they call heroes.

The Best Sister

Hi there, my name is Jessa Barnes. Do you know that one person that you can always trust and can always make you feel safe? That person for me is my sister, Aniston. I chose Aniston because I look up to her alot. I look up to her because she makes me feel good and I feel like I’m always safe with her. She can always find time for me even when she’s doing something. Here are some character traits about my sister.

Aniston is always there for me. This one time I was crying she took her time to ask me why I was crying. She also makes me feel good when I’m at my worst. Like when I didn’t make a good score on my homework we went back over it and she explained to me what I did wrong. She always makes me happy. She makes me super happy when she plays with me. We would play board games, school, play dough, and we would make forts.

Now let me tell you Aniston is really caring about people. Especially her family. She helps me with fixing problems. One time I accidently got into a argument with one of my friends and she helped me fix it. The thing she mostly helps me with my math homework when I don’t get it. Like when I wasn’t understanding how to do this math question she helped me understand so I could finish my homework without bothering my mom and dad. Aniston’s really good at math. I look up to her ALOT.

Also I want to be as good as she is at volleyball. I have the same volleyball number as her. I think that’s super cool. She teaches me how to pass, set, spike, and serve the ball. I really want to be as good as her. She’s really good at it. I also like to go to her mountain bike races because she always cheers me on when I’m playing basketball so I like to cheer her on.

That is why I chose my sister to be my hero. Thank you for listening. I hope you have a great day.

By | Jessa Barnes
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