My Special Hero

Dr. Brad Mills’ Free Braces Program

Fourth-grade students from the community’s school systems entered to win scholarships for free braces from Dr. Brad Mills Orthodontics, a value of $5,600 per student. Students wrote essays about the topic “Who is Your Hero” and Dr. Brad Mills and his staff selected seven scholarship winners, one winner from each school, who exhibited strong writing skills, hard work and deep appreciation for their heroes. Members from the VUE Magazine attended the award ceremonies at each school and were so inspired by the stories that we wanted to share them with our readers. We hope you enjoy reading the touching stories from our community’s youth about the individuals they call heroes.

My Special Hero

Picture someone who you think is like a hero to you, one that never gives up on you. Well, my hero is my Grammy. My Grammy  is my own special hero. I want to tell you three reasons why my Grammy is such a special hero to me. The reasons my Grammy is my hero are that she taught me to love to cook, my Grammy also plays a good role model in my life and other people’s lives also, and most importantly she loves me with all of her heart. Let me explain my wonderful hero, my Grammy.

My Grammy is a distinguishing hero because she taught me how to love to cook. It all started when my Mom and Grammy were cooking dinner and I asked them if I could help and they both said “yes”! I thought that was so cool because I have never cooked before. My Grammy is always happy when she cooks. She even listens to music and dances sometimes. Cooking with her is fun! I will never forget the first time I cooked and made pork chops, green beans, and potatoes. That was amazing! That night when I went to bed, I dreamed that one day I was going to be a chef. Since that day on I have cooked most dinners with my mom and my Grammy. This is how my Grammy taught me how to cook.

My Grammy is a special hero in my life because she plays a good role model for my and everybody else. I think that because she takes me to school every morning, helps me with my homework, helps take care of my Mimi, and works two jobs. She works here at Mayfield Elementary as our technology person. She helps a lot of teacher’s everyday, For example, she fixes light bulbs in smart boards, fixes computers, and helps with a lot of other problems. She always smiles even when she is very busy. My Grammy also works at Majestic and all of the people love her there. She is a waitress at Majestic and is kind to everyone. She never does what she is not suppose to and most of all I think she is one of the hardest workers in my family. My Grammy would help anyone she knows or even a stranger. My Grammy had cancer when I was in kindergarten. I do not remember it but she told me about it. She tells me she likes to always help other people because we all need help. When I am sad, she says that we cannot worry about small things because nobody is hurt and nobody is sick. It will all work out she says. She makes me feel better. This is why my Grammy plays a good role model in my life and everyone else’s lives also.

My Grammy is a special hero to me because she loves me and my family. My Grammy loves me and my family because she takes care of us every day. Most days if I don’t call my Grammy or see my Grammy, I feel sad. I am so used to seeing her every day. My Grammy has four children which are my mom, my Gigi, my Uncle Mitchell, and my Uncle Alex. My Gigi and my Uncle Alex live in different states than here in Kentucky. My Gigi lives in Texas and Uncle Alex lives in Miami, Florida. Grammy still talks to them a lot but really misses them. On the bright side, we get together on Thanksgiving and Christmas and I always help cook a big meal of course!

As you can see, my Grammy is a very special hero to me! She does not wear a cape like the superheroes that we see in movies, but my Grammy wears a big piece of my heart all of the time! She is just the best and I love her so much! I want to be a hero some day just like my hero, My Grammy!

By | Neely Flowers
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