Little Lights Premiere

Everything is vast; black outstretched forever. I lift hands, sweep arms, brave my fingers into that beginning… 


…and everything it swallows. Others like me? I hear echoes, friend. Something hurts to my left. A year ago, I heard my loved one die. Said it was cancer. Somewhere down the line I picked up something I need to put down… but can’t. I’m wading now… It was an accident when I gave away my heart back then. Another hand brushed mine some time ago, and I was theirs. Haven’t felt them in so long.

You know I said, “black outstretched forever,” but I can’t shake this one point I started to… see? I heard people used to take directions at sea by looking at the stars… and well… I guess I must have at least one of those. A faint, fiery little sputter appeared just ahead. Right as I was about to give up, it pierced. I’ve been making my way there ever since. Pray for me. Pray I make it there.

When a light shines.. what can stop it? Who in the dark can look away from it? It is sound in a silent room. It reaches out… cutting through folds of darkness. We are drawn… hands outstretched to touch the first edge of warmth. When it moves, we follow it. When it doesn’t, we carry it. Once we have seen it, we never leave it. The light pushes the dark aside with ease. It wades like ships through the sea. It is infinite, it is tangible, it is present, it is alive. It grows… the dark dwindles… the dark disappears…the light remains. 

So… What is this light? This light is love.. and when we let it shine, nothing can overcome it. 

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

Little Lights is an ongoing monthly series on the act of charity and love. Look for our first story in September’s issue.

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