Heart USA

Heart USA is a little organization with a big mission, and for many, this organization is their lifeline.  

Run entirely by volunteers, Heart USA relies on the community to help raise awareness about their efforts to help individuals in need. This nonprofit has a clear mission – to provide individuals with medical needs the prescription medication and medical devices they need to simply survive. 

Heart USA was founded more than fourteen years ago by Charles Thompson, who was sitting at his kitchen table when he had an idea. This idea was to help individuals who are uninsured, underinsured, or fall into the gap of Medicare recipients who have to pay for prescription medicine.  

“No one should have to decide to whether to pay their mortgage, eat, or purchase essential medicine,” says Cheryl Boyd, Executive Director and CEO of Heart USA. “Every human being has the right to make basic needs met, and I believe that includes the prescription medicine they need to live.” 

This year alone, Heart USA has provided more than $6 million worth of medicine to individuals in need – all for free or at a reduced price. This 501c3 nonprofit serves people across the nation, and the application process is simple. There are many ways to qualify for the program, and income is not necessarily the deciding factor. Sometimes, individuals who have enough income are not insured by their employer and need extra help to purchase expensive medication. 

“The biggest problems we see are seniors who are having to pay astronomical costs for heart medication and insulin,” says Cheryl.  

Cheryl distinctly remembers helping one individual in need. He was an elderly gentleman, and his wife needed Alzheimer’s medication. Working as a local farmer, he had no prescription medicine coverage. Without the income to be able to afford her medicine, the gentleman was forced to choose between hiring someone to stay with his wife while he worked and paying for her medicine. Heart USA was able to help the gentleman pay entirely for his wife’s medication, so he was not forced to make that difficult decision. At the time, the couple had been married for 60 years and never spent a night apart, and because of Heart USA, they would not have to. 

Heart USA is always looking for help from the community to raise awareness for their mission. Additionally, the organization has medical supplies including hospital beds, wheelchairs and walkers available to help those in need at no cost. Heart USA is entirely run by volunteers, which are always needed. For information about how to volunteer, call Heart USA at (270) 538-5828.

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