VUE Magazine is the regions most recognized and only monthly community driven magazine providing more than 60,000 loyal readers with engaging stories, compelling content and large variety of event coverage. We are the premier trifecta of print, digital and social media. VUE Magazine publishes the first Monday of each month.

Just two girls with different passions that go together like a perfectly fit hand and glove. Carolyn had worked in print advertising and publishing for 13 years with a passion to Make a Difference in our community. Maggie had recently graduated from college with a degree in Graphic Communications Management.  Her passion was to own her own business and publish a magazine.

The first magazine was printed in May of 2014 with 68 pages and 29 events. Fast forward to 2018 when VUE averaged 94 pages and 50 events each month. There is a team of 7 employees and approximately 20 contracted photographers and writers. VUE also publishes stories including Event Pre-VUEs, In-Depth VUEs of our local charities, as well as heartwarming and positive stories about people in our community. You will not read about any negative news in VUE Magazine.

First Magazine

Published May 2014


Carolyn Raney, Maggie Armon

“We had worked together for about 3 years when our passions came together with the idea to publish a magazine to promote charity events in our community. It happened really quick, neither of us had a fear of leaving our secure positions to begin this journey. We still question: were we naive or just really gutsy? It was January 2014. Off we went, hit the ground running. All we had was a borrowed camera, some business cards, and bright red t-shirts when we started attending events and taking pictures. We attended every event we could find; charity & non-charity related. Looking back we believe naive nor gutsy describe it; it was all God’s plan and his mission for us. We would walk into an event like a couple of girls on a mission, and we were. Going up to each person asking them if we could take their photo for VUE Magazine and explaining what it was, then put the photos on the website. Karen Carroll was our first employee and her passion to make a difference fueled us even more. We become a Dynamic Trio.”




Small Business of the Month 2014 – MSU Small Business Development
Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 – Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce
Business of the Year 2016 – Business & Professional Women
PFC Yancy Award 2017, 2018 – Hugs Project of Western Kentucky
Community Partner Award 2017 – Woodmen Life Chapter 57
Real Men Wear Pink Partner Award 2018 – American Cancer Society

What we do

Expect creativity
Obsess over details
Value relationships
Love underdogs
Make things, break things
Exceed expectations

What we don’t do

Give up
Resist cupcakes
Sacrifice quality for profit
Sell our cover
Lose in mario kart
Work for free
Impossible deadlines
Use PC’s