A Well Deserved Dream

Dr. Brad Mills’ Free Braces Program

Fourth-grade students from the community’s school systems entered to win scholarships for free braces from Dr. Brad Mills Orthodontics, a value of $5,600 per student. Students wrote essays about the topic “Who is Your Hero” and Dr. Brad Mills and his staff selected seven scholarship winners, one winner from each school, who exhibited strong writing skills, hard work and deep appreciation for their heroes. Members from the VUE Magazine attended the award ceremonies at each school and were so inspired by the stories that we wanted to share them with our readers. We hope you enjoy reading the touching stories from our community’s youth about the individuals they call heroes.

A Well Deserved Dream

There we were I was riding a blue metal tractor down his bumpy gravel driveway. He was pushing me. Then he would carry me inside and we’d sit in a brown rocking chair. He’d sing his song he made up for me. These are some reasons why my great grandfather, Bob Bob, makes the perfect hero.

My story beings on June 12, 1937. On that special day my great grandfather was born. He was born into a very poor family and had to quit school around 8th grade to work on the farm. One of the reasons my Bob Bob inspires me is for his humility. For example if you met him today you would not be able to tell that he has several large barns and hundreds of acres of land. My Bob Bob has achieved so much from the time he was a boy until now.

My great grandfather has to do lots of everyday things, but he always makes room for fun (or at least he does when I’m around.) Whenever I’m at his house we love to go on rides down to his creek. And he always pretends that we are stuck in some kind of gooey mud. A lot of times we will spend all day at his creek and dig for clay. Sometimes he even lets me drive the ATV around. I am so thankful my great grandfather still loves to have fun even though he is 81 years old.

Have you ever worked so hard in your life you thought you were going to die? Now you know my Bob Bob does every day. At least once a week my Bob Bob mows his huge lawn. It takes him at least a whole day. He also tends a garden which is where he grows his delicious, juicy, red tomatoes. Even though my Bob is 81 he loves to work and works just as hard as anyone else I know.

After writing this essay I’ve learned to spend time with loved one before they’re gone and to appreciate what they’ve done. Maybe even in 50 years or so, my great grandson or daughter could be writing about me too. Maybe right now you don’t have a hero (or you don’t think you have one) but it’s important to remember that a hero doesn’t have to be someone famous. Heroes show love, compassion and most importantly character. I am so happy to know that my great grandfather will always be there for me. Sometimes heroes come in the most unexpected ways but often you don’t have to look far to find them.

By | Caroline Crouse
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